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27.08.08 - Lucia on the Discovery Channel.

Lucia Rijker just did a test for the Discovery Channels Fight Sience. The program will be aired in March 2009.

The test included the measurement of the punching power of 2 different punched, by Lucia and the male - 140lbs - African professional boxer.

On one test - on a blindfolded MMA fighter - the impact of Lucia's left hook was stronger then the left' of the male prof boxer!

Lucia said: "This test had never been done before. I help to change the saying "to punch like a girl" once and for all!

I hope, that with this measurement, we can add women's boxing to the 2012 Olympics!"

01.09.08 - LWord Season 5 premiere party. EXCLUSIVE PHOTOGRAPHS!

The premiere of an exciting, brand new season of the L Word: season 5!

Premiere and party at January 6 2008, 6.00 pm - 11.00 pm. It was held at The Factory in West Hollywood.

The entire L Word cast was present!

The fifth season opens with Shane derailing plans to move in with Paige, then suffering the consequences, while Jenny returns from a Mexican vacation with a billionaire movie financier in tow; Phyllis has sudden doubts about the exclusivity of her romance with Joyce; Helena gets tossed into jail (where she meets Lucia aka. Dusty) for ripping off Catherine and Bette's welcome-home gesture to Jodi backfires.

(All photo's can be found in the gallery under TV-Series)

Capture: Jenny (Mia Kirshner), Shane (Katherine Moennig), Dusty (Lucia Rijker) & Alice (Leisha Hailey).

Capture: Lucia & Rose Lam (Executive Producer).

Capture: Helena (Rachel Shelley), Moira (Daniela Sea) & Lucia.

Capture: Tasha (Rose Rollins) & Lucia.

01.06.08 - Update from Lucia #2.

Visiting Surinam and celebrating my birthday:

Holland, January 3 2007

Being in Surinam truely was the experience of a life time!
The documentary (A boxer – a buddhist) was recieved with so much love by the people of Surinam.
No words can explain how I felt after the opening of the Film Festival in Paramaribo. I got a standing ovation afterwards which seemed to last forever.

My 40th birthday (December 6th) was the best ever! I got a beautifull gift from my friends. It was a painting of a beautiful, powerful naked woman, painted and gived to me by Erwin de Vries at his beautiful home in Surinam.
He is a famous and successful painter/sculptor. With a resume so big it would fill up a lot of pages on my website!
I also had a wonderful diner with my family and good friends.

I absolutly loved being in Surinam. A country too beautiful for words! It has a very big forrest with beautiful flowers and wild animals, magnificant trees and the best of all, birds that sing like no other bird can.
Paramaribo is filled with beautiful people from all races and religious backgrounds and they are all getting along very peacefully!

When I got home I was supprised by a bag full of gifts whom the fans fans/members of a Lucia Rijker Hyves website and the host had sent me. The gifts were thoughtfull generous rapped with beautiful collorfull paper.
I got golden gloves and a book for Quincy (my dog), a bracelet, a book full of birthday wishes, cards about Suriname, a sagitarius book, lots of pictures and much more!

It was a day to never forget, December 6th 2007!

Kind regards

01.06.08 - Update from Lucia #1.

Filming the L Word:

Holland, January 3 2007

”My experience with fimling the L Word was very interesting and exciting!
The passionate love scene with Helena Peabody (Rachel Shelley) was a big challenge for me. A big crew was watching and we had to do it over and over again, with many different camera angles.

The actors on the serie have their own group of people to hang with. I hung with some of them a couple of times, but mostly with Rachel (Helena) and Mia (Jenny).

The producer/writer Ileen Chaiken is a lot of fun, as same as the other writers who work on the show. These writers get the chance to combine their writing gifts to make amazing television.

I personally think that all the women on the show are very powerfull and the men are supportive and gentle!

Another good note. I really enjoyed working with the camera man. He was of great help to me. Whenever I got nervous, when I forgot which camera they were using or how didn’t know how to make sure the camera would see me, he would help me out.

I was offered to make another 3 episodes on the L Word. This was because they really liked my work. Sadly, I already committed to do two other European shows (one for Eurosport, the other for RTL4). Sadly there was no space left in my agenda to accept the offer.
I do feel that Dusty (my character), would have benefitted a lot of 3 more episodes. People will see why she needs more room to blossom in the series. The viewers will only get a taste of this very mysterious, powerfull yet sensitive woman!

The L Word season 5 is premiering Sunday January 6, 2008.


09.25.07 - It's Showtime Reality 2008.

A message from Lucia:

Thailand, September 25th 2007

"I am here in Thailand at this time, to host a reality Kickboxing show called, It's Showtime Reality.
It is a K1 like tournament between European male fighters of 75 kg.
The outcome of this spectacular tournament is being kept a secret until it will be broadcast in January on Eurosport and others syndicated networks in the world.

I have coached and trained the fighters here. The fighters have the hearts of a lion and the show is an unforgettable experience with lots of flash backs of my own kickboxing and Boxing career.

Only the strong survive in this sport and boy what a pure heart and spirit did fighters have here the last 2 weeks.
If you can survive in the heat and completion of Thailand the Mecca of Thai boxing you can survive anywhere in the world.

I am putting an open invitation to male American, Asian, or Mexican heavyweight A Kickboxing fighters for the next 'Its Showtime' tournament next year 2008 here in Thailand.

No whiners allowed! Only Fighters with the heart of a lion, talent and experience in the ring as a pro fighter.
You might have a change that I will represent and submit you in this tournament."

    Send your DVD to:

  • RijkerStriker Inc.
    A.T.T It's Showtime Reality
    P.O.Box 36539
    LA CA 90036

Lucia Rijker

09.12.07 - Queen Beatrix officially opens city archive.

On Wednesday Queen Beatrix has officially opened the new city archive in Amsterdam.
The historical building De Bazel at the Vijzelstraat contains 40 kilometres of historical documents. The archive, which is already open for a month for the general public, is the largest city archive in the world.

Historian and television presenter Hans Goedkoop hosted the afternoon. TV-presenter Prem Radakishun, (kick) boxer Lucia Rijker, musician Jaap van Zweden and ABN Amro chairman Rijkman Groenink held short speeches. Among other guests were the mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen and former mayor Ed van Thijn.

Besides the archives of the council of Amsterdam, the city archive also keeps privately-owned archives of companies, institutions, families, and persons. For example, the archives of Heineken, De Bijenkorf and Artis can be found here. Almost a hundred thousand books and magazines about Amsterdam can be found in the library. The building also holds a cafetaria, study, repro, and conference room.

The building which dates from 1926 was initially the head office of the Nederlandse Handelsmaatschappij, and later that of ABN Bank and ABN Amro. The council bought the building in 1999 to house the city archive after renovation. Prior to the move the archive, that was still called council archive at that time, was established at the Amsteldijk.

© AOL Nederland / Novum
Translation of original

07.21.07 - New documentary featuring Lucia Rijker.

LUCIA RIJKER, a boxer – a buddhist

A new documentary featuring Lucia Rijker (74min)

The recordings of this documentary accidentally started right before Lucia became a rising star.

The recordings started more than three years ago, even before she got an offer to play in Clint Eastwood’s new movie - Million Dollar Baby. After the Oscars that this movie received, a Million Dollar Lady fight was set up in Las Vegas with her old rival – Christy Martin. Eleven days before this historical confrontation was about to take place, she ruptured her Achilles tendon.

Her mother became seriously ill during this turbulent period, as a result Lucia was faced with some difficult dilemmas. Should she start her own family before the age of 40, pass her knowledge on through teaching, OR first fight that last and ultimate fight?
Meanwhile, Buddhism is taking up a more central role in her life. She tries to see the many obstacles she faces in life as worthy ‘life lessons’.

She returns to her father’s birth country – Surinam – where she learns to look back rather than always trying to pursuit a goal.
The acknowledgement that she has been pursuing all her life suddenly gets a different perspective. A victory no longer lies in the ring.

The director, George Schouten, about his documentary:
”10 years ago, a one page sized article about her in the Telegraaf (Dutch newspaper) caught my eye. It was titled “The fist of the Buddha”, beautiful, strong, clever, and spiritual. I had to do something with that. We met in a Chinese restaurant across the street of her parental house while she kept recieving phone calls from the States about a possible upcoming fight. I wanted to involve her in an extensive project of the VPRO, but as happens more often, this plan stagnated. This film about Lucia eventually became the search for the creature inside her own soul. The true insights really unfolded themselves during the recordings in Surinam.”

Featuring: Lucia Rijker, Christy Martin: boxer, Sunshine Fettkether: boxer, Romeo Kensmill: trainer, Emauel Stuart: trainer, Don King: promotor, Bob Arum: promotor, Arnold Vanderlyde: ex-boxer / coach, Harold Rijker: brother, Ernst van Gelder: friend / sponsor, Lucille Ellinger: friend / ex-pupil / P.R. Netherlands, Myrna Contreras: friend, Jan Hoogers: doctor of natural medicine, André van Commenée: physiotherapist

Director: George Schouten
Camera: Bernd Wouthuysen, Marlou van den Berg
Sound: Jane Snijders
Film Editing: Chris van Oers
Music: Jacob ter Veldhuis
Commissioning Editing / Producer: Babeth M. VanLoo

© by / Boeddhistische Omroep Stichting

05.03.07 - Lucia Rijker supports the Ronald McDonald Centre Only Friends!

She is now an official member of the committee of recommendation. Zij is nu officieel lid van het comité van aanbeveling, together with Barbara Barend, Joop Alberda and Danielle Overgaag.

Lucia Rijker comes to support the children and to support the initiative.

Only Friends has been established because of the lack of sports to offer for disabled children.

7 years ago Only Friends soccer was established. (Started with 8, now 140 children). Also established 7 years ago was Only Friends handball (14 children). 6 months ago Only Friends wheelchair basketball (12 children). 2 months ago Only Friends tough (kickboxing - 10 children, judo - 6 children, fitness - 7 children. Dennis Gebbink always chased his big dream: to start a sporscentre for disabled children. The Ronald McDonal Kinderfonds (childfund) embraced his dream and together they will build this centre. This is also where the name Ronald McDonald Centre Only Friends comes from. The centre will be build next to sportshall the Weeren in Amsterdam North.

For more information, please visit:

Lucia with the children

Lucia with Dennis Gebbink

04.22.07 - Million Dollar Lady Boxing Seminar experiences #2.

At the moment we started watching the video, I already turned emotional. Even more when Lucia entered the room. It was very strange, she entered so calm, selfsecured and very strong. It was a very interesting experience. If you want to achieve something, you need to give your full 100% and trust yourself.

The day was over before I knew it, I can't wait for the next seminar.

Kind regards,
~ Rachida Bouhout

I was sitting on the couch and was watching TV. And I saw the program ‘de wereld draait door’. And there I saw Lucia Rijker on the show, and she was telling about the seminar of March 25th. I got curious and I decided to look on her website. Fortunately my parents were also excited and they approved that I would participate. Directly we have arranged everything and then finally Sunday came. I was extremely nervous, I couldn’t sleep and I was awake at 4.30 am.

After driving for one hour and a quarter we arrived at Papendal. I just arrived when a cameraman asked me to answer a couple of questions about what I expected of this day. I was extremely nervous but I did my best to answer these questions.

At a quarter past ten we entered the conference room. Myrna (the assistant of Lucia Rijker) told us about the past of Lucia Rijker. Then Lucia herself came into the room, and I felt the tension rising.
The next two hours were very interesting. She gave us some good tips, and she told us about her experiences. She concluded with a meditation. At first I thought ‘hè why’, but after 1 minute I was totally relaxed. After the meditation we entered the restaurant feeling a bit dizzy.

Then we went to change our clothes. We started with a warming up with 8 cameras present. That was completely new for me, but it gave me a pleasant feeling. Then we got tasks to carry out. When I did not do well Lucia helped me. I really appreciated that because I am only practicing Thai boxing for six months. After the exercises we went sparring. That was very nice, especially because it was a mixture of Thai boxing, kickboxing and boxing.

After the training we could ask some questions about the seminar. We could have our picture taken with her and Arnold Vanderlyde. This was my best day ever, I really loved it.

Thank you for the experience.
~ Daniéla Veenstra

The boxingseminar that was given by Lucia Rijker was great.
I didn't expect that Lucia was going to be such a good boxing teacher.
I especially enjoyed the practical side. I experienced a few new tactics that were given by Lucia.
I am now already looking forward to the next boxing seminar.

~ Peegie Vijverman

The Million Dollar Lady Boxing Seminar with Lucia Rijker – well, what can I say; the experience was priceless, everything I dreamed and more…

Some people may find my pursuit a little extreme; an Australian, traveling from Canada, specifically for a Boxing Seminar held in The Netherlands? I look at it as a journey, somewhere I knew I had to be, something I couldn’t afford to miss. I just had to be there, and oh boy was it worth it! I am sure every person that attended, walked away with a piece that will stay with them, inspire and motivate them as a champion, in and outside the ring.

It was a well thought out day that obviously had a lot of work put into it, running smoothly and most definitely concluding successfully. About 30 women and 4 men from around The Netherlands came together for a well rounded day of boxing. Fancy that, a female dominated boxing event, now that was a first! We spent the morning going through the mental coaching behind boxing, my favorite part of the day. Not only focusing on the technicalities of training but more importantly, the positive enhancement of your own mental approach. Assertively enhancing the way you think, hence inevitably enhancing your training capabilities and physical outcome. I felt so uplifted and confident after this session that I was relaxed and ready for the physical training part of the day; mentally revived, free of nerves and raring to go!

We spent the afternoon partaking in physical training. It felt amazing to be amongst a room full of aspiring champions; both boxers and kickboxers of varying talents and the room a buzz with adrenalin. I even recognized a few familiar faces from previous Amateur Boxing World Championships tournaments; it was great to see these girls again, still actively boxing and continuing to pursue their dreams. Lucia guided us through general boxing orientated exercises, most I am sure we have all done before while others I have never seen in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the rotating of partners and sparring session at the end; being a great opportunity to adapt to different styles and get a feel for everyone’s talents while measuring up your own. It was awe-inspiring to be guided and corrected by Lucia, someone who’s talent and experience cannot be anything but respected, everyone trying to absorb as much as possible.

The afternoon ended with an open question session and the media, whom were present and filming through-out the day, taking the opportunity to interview both Lucia and some of the participating boxers. I am sure we all walked away on a high; full of adrenalin, inspiration, motivation, hope and a few extra tools to help us battle on with our endeavors. The event was certainly a success and hopefully the start of many more to come!

It is great to see someone like Lucia doing their bit for Women’s Boxing. If we all took this approach the opportunities would be limitless. Thank-you Lucia and everyone else involved in organizing this monumental event.

Forever punching,
~ Rosie

04.14.07 - Million Dollar Lady Boxing Seminar experiences #1.

Report of the seminar will be there as soon as possible!

Experiences of contestents of the seminar:

The boxing seminar that was given by Lucia Rijker was great. I didn't expect that Lucia was going to be such a good boxing teacher.
I especially enjoyed the practical side. I experienced a few new tactics that were given by Lucia. I already look forward to the next boxing seminar.
~ Peegie Vijverman

My name is Maxine Koelemeij and I am 17 years old.
I realy enjoyed the seminar of Lucia Rijker and it was worth every penny. As boxing girl of 17 years old I had a lot of questions and doubts. The seminar answered a lot of of it and put me on the right track again. 2 weeks before the seminar I quit boxing but then again I said to myself, train 2 weeks and go to the seminar, who knows what will happen? Now I know for sure that I will become the new Striker, the better and improved one. The first step I took is that I went from a junior boxer with no status, to a junior boxer with an A status (by winning from my Czech opponent, that had 28 fights and the age of 31.)
So Lucia Rijker, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us!
With respect and dear regards,
~ Maxine Koelemeij

I would like to tell you my experience about the boxing seminar:
I think it was a great experience! Especially the mental training was very important for me, since I'm often very nervous before a fight. It was very interesting to learn how Lucia handles this tension.
A thing that I really appreciated was that Lucia really took the time for every contestant at the end of the seminar, to talk with them. She really wanted to know what their experiences were during the day.
~ Patricia Grygiel

Thanks for a great day!
Best Regards,
~ Lotte van den Hurk

It was a great day and I learned a few new things.
As a kickboxer it was nice to train with the boxers, especially the sparring session was interesting. For the next time it is better to do more sparring.
I really missed things about boxing strategy, training schedules, dealing with training partners, preparation for the fight, and physical stuff. Also I think it would be nice for the next time if Lucia will be more clear about what she wants and how she will organize her future plans.
Furthermore, It was an honor to meet her,
~ Krista Fleming

The warming up

Time for the real work

And the cooling down

02.20.07 - Lucia walked the Fashion Show for the Boxing Retirement Foundation.

On February 14th Lucia walked the Boxing Retirement Foundation Fashion Show in Las Vegas!
The Fashion Show was held in the Sands EXPO.

Lucia wasn't the only one at the Fashion Show. Names such as Smokin' Joe Frazier, Tommy 'The Hitman' Hearns, Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini, Ken Norton and James 'Lights Out' Toney were also a part of this event.

Before the main event an autograph signing featuring the stars of FASHION KNOCKOUTS was held. The World Boxing Council (WBC), as part of their "WBC Cares" community outreach, joined the Retired Boxers Foundation in support of their mission.

For one time only, these World Champion Boxers got together and replaced their trunks with Fall '07 designs by Agave Denimsmith, Alberto, Arnold Brant, Baade II, Bally, Barbour, Bod & Christensen, Brass Boot, Continental Leather, Cutter & Buck, Greg Norman, Haupt, Jack Victor, Jhane Barnes, Joseph Abboud Socks, Lorenzo Uomo, Martin Dingman, Nick Hilton, Pangborn, Serica, Robert Graham, Zelli.

For more information on the FASHION KNOCKOUTS, visit:

For more information on the Retired Boxers Foundation, contact Alex "The Bronx Bomber" Ramos, Founder & President, at (805) 208-2484 or visit their website at:

Lucia walking on the Fashion Show - Vegas

Lucia walking on the Fashion Show - Vegas

Lucia walking on the Fashion Show - Vegas

Meeting Joe Frazier

Together with Ken Norton and Joe Frazier

02.11.06 - Upcoming Event: Million Dollay Lady Seminar - The Netherlands 2007.


Our "Million Dollar Lady" Lucia Rijker is looking for women and men who can fight!

On the 25Th of March 2007 - Papendal (Arnhem)
Lucia Rijker will be presenting for the first time in The Netherlands:
A performance enhancement
Boxing seminar

Click here to go to the 'Upcoming Events' page for full details.
More information will follow very soon!

09.30.06 - Upcoming Event: Lucia Coach PAL Boxing 1, 2 - 3 October.

Lucia will be contributing as a coach to the PAL Boxing tournament on 1, 2 and 3 October 2006.

She will be giving a mental workout at October 3rd:
Tuesday, Oct 3rd - PAL Boxing presents: RijkerStriker Coaching Metal Workout

By Lucia Rijker.

  • Gain Better Focus!
  • Peak Performance!
  • Utilize the Power of Your Mind!
  • Overcome Performance Anxiety!
  • Boxing Goes Quantum Physics (See it, believe it, and manifest it)

Lucia Rijker will give you a taste of her own medicine. She will share her success story and of her techniques on how to mentally focus through guided meditation.
Through this meditation session she will help you access your mental power, so you can be even more focused, centered and more effective in your fights.

Lucia is also offering a meditation/positive suggestion CD to help you be the best fighter you can be by accessing your power from within.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you at the PAL Boxing tournament Oct. 3 from 6pm 2006.

Download the flyer here. (Click right - Save as).

09.18.06 - Lucia Rijker: Hey Laila, "I’m not officially retired".

INTERVIEW By Dan Horgan (Sep 5, 2006) Photo © Roger Erickson

It’s 12:55 on a Thursday afternoon, and I make my traditional final rounds over everything I need to conduct a successful interview. Is the phone fully charged? Check. Is the recording device hooked up to the phone? Check. Do I have all my questions down pat? Check. “Okay,” I say to myself. “I’m finally ready.”

At 1:00, boxing superstar Lucia Rijker calls and says she is ready to conduct the interview. We do the whole “Hi, how are you” thing, and it seems as though all systems are a go. However, just a second later, a huge problem presents itself: Lucia had mixed me up with a reporter from the Netherlands calling about a film festival. “Oh great!” I think to myself. “This interview is going to be a wash.”

So after the initial misunderstanding, I ask Lucia a question, and to my surprise, she gives a lengthy answer. That answer leads to another question, and all of the sudden, the interview is going great. In total, the conversation lasts twenty-five minutes, and as I listen to all of her incredible accomplishments, I realize what an amazing person I am talking to. Here Lucia was, completely unprepared to answer questions about her fight career, and she was still able to provide answers better than I could have ever expected. She has so many dimensions as a human being. It’s remarkable how many talents and aspirations one person can have.

A boxer, a kick boxer, an actress, a trainer, and a motivational speaker, Lucia can pretty much do it all. One of her qualities that people may not like however, is her elusiveness from the public. It seems that every boxing fan wants to know what’s up with ‘The Dutch Destroyer’. After more than a two year absence from the boxing ring, people everywhere are asking the million dollar question: Is she retired?

“I’m not officially a retired fighter,” said Rijker. “I still have a few offers on the table, but none are official when it comes to signing any deals. I‘m just waiting for a big opportunity.”

Alright, with a perfect pro record in both boxing and kickboxing, it’s fair that such a great warrior can wait for a big fight. But just what kind of offer would define this “big opportunity?”

“I’ve always reached for the stars, and when I reach for the stars, it is Laila Ali. At the beginning of this year, I went to Berlin to challenge her. And it’s interesting, we offered her the fight before we did Christy Martin, and she turned it down. She doesn’t want a piece of anything, but to make as much money as she possibly can, and I don’t blame her. I think she’s making a smart move not to fight me. If I were in her corner, I would tell her, you have to fight somebody. If you just fight opponents, your credibility will go down. From a Hollywood perspective, you can make your name off your dad, but as a fighter, you have to fight somebody.”

For Rijker, a fight with Ali would mean a chance to take out a frustration that’s been haunting her for years. After nearly a decade of trying to lure Christy Martin into the ring, Rijker had to reluctantly watch as Ali ended up getting the fight.

“I kind of felt that what she did was cheating. I had worked for many years for that fight and I thought that she should have created her own opponent, but no, she took mine. That was a business fight for both of them. My motivation to fight Laila is that it is an opportunity out there even though there is a weight difference. On the other hand I’ve never run after any fighter like I did Christy Martin.”

So what if the fight with Ali never came off. Would Rijker be interested in challenging the other super middleweight standout in women’s boxing, Ann Wolfe?

“I love Ann, she is a lovely woman. I have a lot of respect for her and she’s a terrific fighter. I think she’d be the perfect fight – for Laila. I have a past with Laila, not with Ann.”

With all of her anger toward Ali, one would think that Rijker would at least stay active to keep some of the ring rust off. However, Lucia insists that ‘stay busy’ fights can be dangerous, and that she has done her best to avoid them.

“This is not a sport where you just hang around. I always take my work very serious. I’ve always had the goal to become a world champion, I have. I’ve always had the goal to be the best out there, I have. Fighting just to fight is not what I do. Fighters who do that end up getting hurt because fighting can become an addiction. If you get hooked on the fame, money, the fortune, the rush, then it is easy just to take fights for fights.”

Another main reason that Lucia isn’t “fighting just to fight,” is because she is a woman of many interests. After coaching an amateur team in Colorado Springs this past March, Rijker plans on sharing her wisdom regularly.

“I think I have a lot of talents and one of them is being a teacher and a coach. I have more passion in my heart to pass on my knowledge which I feel is part of the natural cycle when it comes down to age. To help other women out there who are trying to be the best they can be is something that gives me great satisfaction.”

One of the first steps Lucia plans on taking toward the life of a trainer is starting her own gym, or in her words, a base where she can help out others.

“I would like to start a center where I can pass on my knowledge. I’ve been developing my ideas and looking around for a location. Motivational speaking, helping out young children and troubled teenagers, teaching people how to be more assertive and mentally strong, that’s more where my heart lies. And I’d like to have my own center where I can put it all together.”

Another plus of Rijker starting her own gym would be the opportunity to contribute to women’s boxing, a sport she feels is improving.

“I think women’s boxing is doing great. I think there are a lot of women out there right now that are getting that amateur background and getting that experience and ability before they turn pro. So I see a good future for women’s boxing, but most importantly, we need to be in the Olympics. When a worldwide audience can view women’s boxing, that’s when they will wake up. Then they will see what we can do. For years and years both men and women have competed in the same Olympics sports. But when it comes to boxing, men are still viewed as animals and women are viewed as having no place in the sport, so there is still a lot of work to be done. Women’s boxing just needs to keep building and building. There needs to be a following. When there is a following, there is television, when there is television, there is popularity.”

So aside from the training, what has Lucia been up to the past year?

“I’ve always stayed really busy physically, but last year I traveled the world. I did a lot of fundraising. I did some speaking and fundraising in Bangladesh for battered women and for young boys who are being trafficked and exploited as jockeys. They are being shot up with hormones so they won’t grow. I raised money for women and children in third world countries so they can have a future. That was my focus for a while just because last year was such a challenging year for me with the injury and the cancellation of the fight, which I did not expect. Then my mother passed away, so it was just one thing after another and it was quite challenging. I did a few television shows where I raised money for the Red Cross. For the first time in my life, I could really contribute because I had the time from my injuries. Helping others is way more satisfying than anything I could accomplish on my own.”

That’s saying a lot from a women who feels boxing has been a gateway to the world’s greatest riches.

“Boxing has given me the opportunity to travel. The opportunity to become a healthy person, to polish my life, to overcome obstacles, to overcome hardship. Boxing has given me the opportunity to meet and work with powerful, successful people all over the world. I’ve met Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Macho Camacho, Mike Tyson, and Oscar De La Hoya. I worked with an amazing director in LL Cool J. I shot an amazing movie with Clint Eastwood. I met Stevie Wonder. I sat down and had hours of conversation with Muhammad Ali. I met with Whitney Houston. I trained and hung with Mr. T. I met Eminem. I’ve trained under Freddie Roach, Emmanuel Steward, and Joe Goossen. I’ve trained Adam Sandler. Donald Trump has stopped on the red carpet and said hi to me. I’ve met with Elizabeth Taylor. I’ve had dinner with Oliver Stone. Those are opportunities I’ve had through boxing. I am grateful and honored that through my dedication and hard work for twenty-four years, I’ve made it to where I’m at today. Through all of those experiences I’m able to create value for other people, and that’s what I like best.”

Not bad for an unprepared interview.

Special thanks to Monique Ward for setting up this interview.


03.29.06 - Press Release about National PAL Boxing Team - USA Womens National Boxing Team.

I had a great time last week while helping with coaching the PAL women’s boxing team. I hope that by making an appearance/contribution to the National USA Boxing tournament, I was able to help built the future of (women’s) boxing. I was impressed by the talent, heart and the skill level of the women amateur boxers of today. The women have grown strong. They have developed their own style and the defense level has improved tremendously!

I hope by giving women amateur boxing more exposure, we will generate support and sponsors. This way we can get the international experience that the women need to move up to the next level. I really hope we can continue to improve our team, so we can show the world that women boxers have all it takes to participate in the Olympics!

With this being said, I would like to thank the PAL team, for their support and for being an example in officially sponsoring a women boxing team. I want to thank Rocky and the PAL team for inviting me and for letting me participate, so I could make a contribution and share some of my experiences and my passion for the sport. I also want to thank all the (PAL) women boxers and officials for participating. Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank coach Christie, for her wonderful contribution and for all the time and effort she has put into women’s amateur boxing for the past - at least - 13 years!

I believe with hard work and a never-give-up spirit, we will be ready for 2012!

I'm looking forward in helping to create even more value in the near future for the PAL women’s boxing team and for boxing in general.

Lucia Rijker

03.10.06 - The most recent update on Lucia Rijker.

I have been asked to be a spokeswoman for USA women's boxing and I am happy and honored to take that position. It’s time to give back to the young and talented female boxers, who are the future of women's boxing.

I am in Colorado Springs right now, because I was asked to help coach the PAL USA WOMEN'S BOXING team - together with coach Christie. It’s the first sponsored boxing team in America which really is wonderful. I am very grateful to the people at PAL who made this possible. But on the other hand, it is a shame that still today - in 2006 - most of the other women have to pay their own travel and lodging to participate in the nationals held at the USA OLYMPIC CENTER and the men strangely don’t have to. Also, the women are not allowed to eat or sleep on the canvas and it hurts to see how far behind we are these days, also considering rules and regulations. This counts when it comes down to women's boxing in America: the land of the free and the home of the brave. Well let us be the brave and fight for the rights of our talented women, to make sure we will be accepted in the 2012 Olympics. Other countries like Canada and even Turkey seem to have better funding program's to support the international travel of their women, it's time to take action, so we can move forward!

The last couple of days I have seen lots of amazing talented people who flew in from all over the United States to compete here in Colorado Springs. I have seen great ring generalship, great techniques and some amazing styles and lots of heart. I have enjoyed being her so far and tomorrow we will have the finals. Our PAL-team has 6 Girls who are potential Champions.

I hope that all of you can visualize us at the 2012 Olympic with an amazingly talented, fit, strong, focused, well prepared and internationally experienced team of women.

With great respect,
Lucia Rijker

If you are young (2012 is 6 years from now) and you want to be the first women in your country and in your weight class, in history to win a gold medal in Boxing, then start getting your experience now so you will be ready and able to benefit from all the good things that are still yet to come!!

01.29.06 - Where is she now?

Last year was a tough and busy year for Lucia. She said farewell to her mother who passed away on October 3rd. If any of you got an opportunity to see "Shadow Boxers", which was a fantastic documentary. ( There is some footage of Lucia and her mother and it is not hard to see that they shared a very special and unique relationship.

She also wrote, released and published her own biography 'LUCIA a Million Dollar Babe' with success. It got released at October 31st 2005. It's such a success that there's a second print already! (More info about the book can be found here).

In the beginning of November she went to Bangladesh together with NOVIB (an organisation that fights poverty world wide), to help young women who are raped, abused and put into the prostitution at the age of 12. She also talked to young boys (age 5) who were stolen or bought away from their poor parents, transported to Dubai and eventually sold as jockeys to race camels. Lucia also raised millions of Euros to fight against this matter. In a fundraiser, she raised 10.000 Euros for a private boxing lesson and a total of 234.180 Euros for the Red Cross.

But as if this wasn't enough, she went to Barcelona (Spain) to visit gyms in the beginning of December.

In the mid of December she went to Berlin to see the worst women boxing fight (This was Laila Ali against Aasa Sandell). She saw how more then 10.000 people rejected Ali's performance by shouting her out after the fight! Lucia was hurt deeply by seeing what Laila is doing to the women’s boxing. She says: "Laila, you might be making money, but your reputation and what you have done for other people is the only thing people will remember. At this point you are hurting yourself AND women’s boxing!"

Then, at the end of December, she went back to her roots in the inlands of Surinam (South America). In her own words: "The most beautiful and rich country, when it comes down to nature."

Her Achilles is healing perfectly and she started running slowly at this point.

10.30.05 - Lucia Rijker’s book (Biography) named 'Lucia Rijker' released in The Netherlands.

Lucia Rijker’s book named 'Lucia Rijker' has been released (in The Netherlands) today.

The book is written by Dutch sports commentator Theo Reitsma, and is a 'Biography of a world champion'.

Lucia tells about her life, her benefits, setbacks and much more.

It's on-line available at the Bruna.
For more information, The Book.

Available in Dutch only.

10.27.05 - IOC rejects Women's boxing for 2008 Olympics.

A bid to introduce women's boxing at the 2008 Beijing Games was rejected by the International Olympic Committee meeting in Switzerland on Thursday.

"The decision was purely based on technical merit," the IOC's director of sport Kelly Fairweather said of the boxing ruling. "The IOC did not feel it has reached the stage where it merits inclusion." The IOC left the door open for women's boxing to be included at the London Games in 2012. Fairweather said boxing's governing body could make a new bid in 2009.

They rejected women's boxing Thursday but approved open-water swimming and women's steeplechase for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They are approved increase in women's teams in soccer, field hockey and handball from 10 to 12.


Of course, we do not agree with this ..

Why reject Womens Boxing and approve open-water swimming and women's steeplechase?
We want Womens Boxing at the 2008 Beijing Games. And will do everything possible to get it!

So for now, please send an E-mail to us with the following:
Your Name, Age, Living Place, Additional Information, and last but certainly NOT least, a comment to the IOC.

We will keep you posted on any updates regarding this matter.

09.24.05 - Interview from Strut Magazine.

"Will the real Million Dollar Baby please stand up?" by Mark Lepage.

Lucia Rijker may finally get the chance to prove that she's the world best boxer in this summer's first million-dollar women's title fight. Only problem is, as MARK LEPAGE reports, she needs to find a sucker to punch.

Rijker is closing in on her opponent, a squat, hard-faced girl who is backing up under a precision barrage of lefts and rights. The girl is used to being hit, but not with these anvils, and you can watch her resolve break as she retreats. With a combination of fast, heavy punches – the kind male middleweights throw – Rijker crushes the girl to her knees, leaving her face a mask of two kinds of pain.

This could be a scene out of Million Dollar Baby. Only in this version, the hard-done-by TKO champ isn’t played by Hilary Swank but by Lucia Rijker. Ironically, Rijker was the villain in that film – Billie “The Blue Bear,” a sucker-puncher who accessorizes her power and skill with every cheap shot in the WWF playbook. The Million Dollar role captures Rijker’s stony focus, her cobra intensity and her overwhelming force. Indeed, it was Rijker who helped refine Hilary Swank’s moves for her Oscar-winning performance.

“She mastered a lot in three months, because she’s such a devoted person, and an athlete,” she says. “She gives it her all.” So did Rijker, who was, in a sense, training Hilary Swank to play herself: the kid with nothing who enters a male world and wins grudging admiration on her own terms. Of course, every punch Rijker aimed at Swank was pulled, choreographed, faked for the movies – and this is the only context in which you would want to face her.

To read the full interview, please click on the links below.
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09.13.05 - New interview with Lucia Rijker: "Of Course I'm Fighting Again.."

Lucia Rijker: "Of Course I'm Fighting Again" by Bernie McCoy.

"Of course I'm going to fight again and that fight is going to happen." The speaker was Lucia Rijker and that was her emphatic answer to my question about her future in the ring, during a telephone interview late last week. The "that fight" she was talking about was, of course, the canceled July 30 bout at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas between Rijker and Christy Martin. It was, quite simply, the most anticipated fight in the sport of Women's boxing, with a million dollar purse going to the winner.

Shortly before the bout, Lucia Rijker suffered an Achilles tendon injury during a training session. It was her "first major injury" from which she says she is now well on the way to recovery. "The cast came off recently", Rijker said, "and, while I've been in the gym, I, obviously, haven't done any leg work. At this point, my goal is to be fully on my feet in about two months." So much for the speculation that Lucia Rijker's career in the ring had come to an end.

As far as the Martin bout is concerned, Rijker is certain, as she is about most things in her life and career, that it will happen. "How and when is up to the powers that be (in the boxing world), but it will happen. I want it and I know Christy wants it. We've waited long enough. Early next year would be an ideal date, February or March. In fact, that would really be a better date, weather wise, than July in Las Vegas, where we might have been fighting in 100+ degree temperature. I don't know whether Bob (Arum) will be involved, I hope so, but, if not, someone is smart enough to realize just how big this fight will be. It's Ali/Frazier and I don't mean Laila and Jacqui."

Asked about the talk that the sales for the July 30 bout had been slow, both on-site and PPV, Rijker indicated that she thought that the pre-fight build-up for the bout might have been a bit slow in developing. However she was convinced that a big final week push would have resulted in a surge in sales. "Just one example: I was scheduled on Jay Leno on the Monday before the (Saturday) fight and that's huge. Not only are you talking about millions of people (in the "Tonight Show" audience) but it's exactly the right type of young person who would be attracted to the fight." As far as the timing of the bout, Rijker agrees with Martin that the July 30 date was a good one. "The movie, ' Million Dollar Baby ' got the fight out of the gate and the DVD was about to be released, but, bottom line, it was all about Christy and me finally getting in the ring after all these years." (...)

Read full article at WBAN (direct link).

07.26.05 - Statement from Lucia about her ruptured Achilles tendon injury, from July 19.

Click here to see some pictures of Lucia in the hospital, just after her injury.

07.21.05 - Rijker Ruptures Tendon

Her million-dollar fight with Christy Martin is called off after she is injured while training.

Lucia, who had been scheduled to fight Christy Martin on July 30 at Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Events Center for a million-dollar purse, ruptured her left Achilles' tendon Tuesday while training in a Las Vegas gym.

She is scheduled to undergo surgery today (July 21st), and will be out at least four months.

"Her foot stepped into an indentation in the canvas between the seams. That buckled her ankle. It was very painful. She couldn't put any weight on it. She has been looking forward to this fight for years, and has been training for it since March, but you can't do nothing about it. We'll just have to deal with it," trainer Freddie Roach said.

"This kind of thing can happen," Promoter Bob Arum said. "It can happen to males, females, even promoters. I ruptured my Achilles' tendon 10 years ago while playing tennis, so I know how arduous the recovery can be. It can take months and months. Who knows what will happen? At my age (73), half a year seems like a long time, so we'll have to see. To say now that I will reschedule it would be stupid."

07.17.05 - What is YOUR Prediction?!

WBAN has just posted a "What is your Prediction - Christy Martin vs. Lucia Rijker" Poll, to let boxing fans have the floor on voting who they think will win. Then you can check out the instant results and stats, that are posted immediately.

For the poll, please click here.

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06.23.05 - Reserved seats are for sale at the Lucia Rijker section in the Mandalay Bay.

Reserved seats are for sale at the Lucia Rijker section in the Mandalay Bay. The seats will be in the 'Rijker' section in the Mandalay Bay, so you can watch the fight together with Lucia Rijker fans only!

Prices for the seats are $100,- (including tax) only.

For more information or to order the tickets, please contact:
Monique Ward (Public Relations for Lucia Rijker USA).
E-mail: Monique Ward

Please add the following information into your email (if you want to purchase any tickets):
- Name as it appears on your credit card
- The number of tickets you want to buy
- Credit card number
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